New feature branches new code period is getting set to 8 months old

Hi Team,

we have multiple feature branches created per day and it always points to older date of creation when compared to reference branch(Development) for us. The new code period for the project is set to point to reference branch(development) and this inturn set to 60 days.

Even when the feature branch is newly created today its ends up mentioned as 8 months old, and brings all old issues with it. but it gets fixed when we login to console and manually change the new code setting for each branch to latest analysis.

1)help me understand whats causing the longer period of diff from development branch
2) How to set the new code period to latest analysis automatically,rather than changing it each time as we end up having more than 10 feature branches created per week.


What version are you on? Also, when was your development/Main branch last analyzed?


Hi Ann,
we are using sonarqube version, and development branch gets analysed daily, the latest date is yesterday


Hi Vibinsj,

Thanks for the follow up. I’m now out of my depth. I’m going to flag this post internally for more expert attention.


Thanks Ann for the response, will await your update.


Hi Ann,

do we have any updates to solve the issue?