New Code Vs Overall Code

Hi, I’m having trouble understanding “New Code” Vs “Overall Code”

  • Will the data displayed in the “New Code” be summed with the “Overalcode”?

  • Is the data presented in the “New Code” already added to the “Overall Code”?

  • Is the data presented in the “New Code” already current data? In other words, if you create a new Pull Request, will the New Code be the “Overalcode” after a new Pull Request?

  • If I make a PR of any modification, is the new analysis that appears in New Code for the entire project or only for the change?

Thank you for your attention.

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Welcome to the community!

Overall Code is all code, both old and new.
New Code is code added or updates since the New Code Period started.

So, yes, data presented in the New Code tab is already integrated into the Overall Code values.

For a pull request, you should only see the New Code tab. Only the code changed in the PR is evaluated in that context.

Does this help?

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