New code, SonarQube vs SonarCloud

  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket datacenter)
  • CI system used (GitHub Actions, TeamCity)
  • Languages of the repository = C#

We noticed since the move from SonarQube to SonarCloud we have issues with new code.

In SonarQube, we could select a reference branch = Defining new code (

But this option seems to be unavailable in SonarCloud = New Code Definition | SonarCloud Docs

IS this correct, is this coming back to SonarCloud, this is a major issue that creates a lot of confusion to our devs

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Thank you for your feedback.
We intend to unify the New Code Definition (and Clean as You Code) experience in SonarQube and SonarCloud.

Any ETA on this?

Not yet.