New Code not properly discovered

  • versions used:
    ** SonarQube Developer Edition 8.3.1
    ** SonarQube Maven Plugin
    ** Maven 3.6.1
    ** Java 8
  • I do see no errors in the ce.log
  • steps to reproduce
    ** Run analysis on develop branch (which is configured as MAIN)
    ** Run analysis on feature branch
    ** Check report for coverage on new lines of code
    ** No new lines discovered (in the new code tab and the new classes also don’t appear in the overall tab)

Previously the new Code was always in relation to the main branch - but it seems it’s not possible to configure this. (per my understanding that should still be the case with the previous version setting)

As of now we can’t use the branch analysis for our code reviews :frowning:


In fact, new code was never calculated in relation to the main branch. (That branch relationship was about issue state synchronization. New code was calculated against first analysis of branch IIRC.) But that’s coming in 8.4 which is expected next week.