New code detection using reference branch is incorrect

  • versions used (server: 8.9, scanner: 4.6.2)
  • error observed: new code detection is incomplete after merging reference branch into target branch
  • steps to reproduce:
  1. create new (target) branch from mainbranch,
  2. make and commit changes.
  3. merge (non-ff, merge commit for example) some OTHER changes to mainbranch
  4. merge mainbranch into target branch.
  5. run scan using new code detection reference branch of mainbranch
  6. note that new code detection doesn’t correctly show changes in step 2
  • potential workaround: git rebase $(git merge-base HEAD mainbranch) before running scanner in step 5


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Is this relevant?


hi @ganncamp ,
yep, that sounds like the same issue to me.

Thanks for confirming. I’m going to mark a solution on this thread just for tidiness.


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