New Code Definition for existing projects will be limited to 90 days with SonarQube 10.2

Hello SonarQube :sonarqube: users,

With SonarQube 10.2, we are adjusting the maximum value for the New Code Definition of existing projects to 90.

What is changing?

If your existing projects are using more than 90 days as the New Code Definition value, it will be automatically readjusted to 90 when you upgrade to SonarQube 10.2. You can of course change this value to a more appropriate one as long as it is up to 90 days.

Similar adjustments will be applied to your general(global) New Code definition (under Administration > General Settings > New Code).

Why is this change necessary?

A New Code Definition value of more than 90 days will not let your team focus on the new and most relevant code changes as the team will have to pay attention to old issues. This is not compliant with the Clean as You Code methodology.

What does this change mean for your team?

You will see that the issues in code older than 90 days will move out of your new code scope and will become part of the overall code. As the older issues are moving off the new code scope, you may notice a change in Quality Gate status! (depending on how clean your new code is). Overall this change enables engineering teams to address issues earlier and while it’s new.

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