Net5.0 builds of sonar-scanner-msbuild not shown in Jenkins tools

Hi, we are using the latest stack of pretty much everything right now (sonarserver 8.9, sonarscanner for jenkins 2.13.1 with a pretty updated Jenkins installation as well).

When we try to setup sonarscanner msbuild in Jenkins, we do see the latest versions available based on this list: Releases · SonarSource/sonar-scanner-msbuild · GitHub

However, only net4.6 and core2/3 are shown. We would however like to install the net5.0 build which seems to be available.

This is how it looks like:

I saw this PR which seems to handle the same situation:

Are we missing something or is there something you have to do to enable the net5.0 version to show up?


I think I get a feeling on what’s wrong. Looking at this URL:

which is referenced from your readme here

I guess that the PR I referenced earlier is actually not ok.
net5.0 and net4.6 do both just show up under the same “id” in the JSON.

Would you guys agree on this? Should we just supply a PR for it and add a prefix (something like “net5”)?

Went ahead and created a PR for it: Fixed duplicate id for sonar-scanner-msbuild versions by pfeigl · Pull Request #104 · jenkins-infra/crawler · GitHub

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Hi @pfeigl
Did this PR solve your issue?

Yes my changes were merged and actually solved my problems.

All .NET Versions were available as expected in Jenkins later on.