.NET Runtime Support for the SonarScanner for .NET

The SonarScanner for .NET should run on any environment that you build your .NET projects on. In practice this means we must support multiple .NET versions and platforms. I wanted to share our policy on this and what that means for our support of specific versions going forward.

We intend to support running the Scanner for .NET on any currently supported Microsoft .NET Runtime. We will stop support once Microsoft does but we won’t specifically restrict usage of unsupported versions.

We will follow the support dates set by Microsoft as defined here and here. In practice this means:

  • .NET Core 2.1 - Microsoft stopped supporting this LTS version in August ‘21. We are a bit late here and to ensure we give some notice we will stop supporting this version of the Scanner at the end of March 2022
  • .NET 5 - this officially goes out of support in May ‘22 and we will stop our official support in line with this, however we plan to release a single .NET version that will support .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 6, and will continue to work fine for .NET 5.
  • Our .NET Framework 4.6 version will be updated to 4.6.2 on or shortly after April 26, 2022 when earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft. We will no longer support running on earlier versions of the .NET Framework after this date.

It should be noted that this does not stop you analyzing projects targeting older frameworks, it’s just you will need a supported version of .NET available on your agent for the scanner to run.

Please let us know if you have any questions