Need support for Texas Instruments C28x microcontrollers


We are many users in my company to code for Texas Instruments C28x microcontrollers, but we have issues when using SonarQube for the code static analysis because SonarQube doesn’t treat properly C28x types (1 byte = 16 bits for this family of microcontrollers).

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I am opening a new post about the same topic because I’m not happy with the answer “we currently don’t have any plans to tackle it”.

So I am hoping other interested users will join me with the same request and that SonarQube will reconsider its position about adding support for non-standard microcontrollers.


PS: my company is currently using SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.9 (build 65466)

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Hello @smainier

Sorry for the late answer.

I understand your unhappiness about the answer you had.
We try hard to maximize our impact and it seems that fixing the problematic behavior is a big piece of work.
I will soon put this up on our productboard to collect traction about it.

Thanks for the feedback, and I invite other SonarQube users arriving on this post to leave a comment if they are also interested in this feature!

Hello Geoffray,

Any updates on fixing this issue?

Hi @clima6

At the moment, we are collecting interest and we are not planning to move ahead at the moment.
Please feel free to log in your interest on productboard.