Need help to understand SonarQube updates when using docker compose file

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we are using Docker compose file to install SonarQube and run.
I want to understand the upgrade process for this and how it backup data automatically, or we need to do backup before updating sonarQube. And how can we do that?

Hi Rop,

Yes, backing up your database periodically is a recommended practice. Absolutely do this before you make a major change like an upgrade. Consult your resources for your selection of database for guidance about that.

We provide an example YAML file for Docker Compose in our documentation for Installing SonarQube from the Docker Image.

Once you are comfortable with backing up and restoring your database, you are ready to follow our instructions in the SonarQube Upgrade Guide under Upgrading from the Docker image.


Thank you, Monty. I will try that.

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