Need help about sonar analysis with TEam city

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  • SonarQube

  • When ever we create new branch in git and check in the changes then sonar takes lots of time to build the code.
    This happens because it will build all its dependencies for e,g if w try to check in the code in one project then it will start build for all its dependent project.
    Please help me to achieve how we eliminate the dependent projects if there is no change in this.

  • we configured the Sonar with team city.


It sounds like you’re analyzing one of Java, C#, C/C++/Obj-C. All 3 of those require a build before analysis. However, whether you analyze just the project under analysis or the project and its dependencies is a question of how you’ve got your build set up. It sounds like you need to look into building the dependencies separately and using them as libraries.



Thanks for the reply. We configure sonar analysis in build step for each project.
But I need to achieve whenever I will change in one project then sonar analysis start for only that project not for all the dependent one because there is no change in other projects.
This happens only for first time.


Hi Aashish,

This sounds like a Team City configuration question, and there I can’t help you.