Multiple SonarQube emails for new issues in Pull Requests

  • which versions are you using : SonarQube 8.3.1
  • what are you trying to achieve : Set up branch and PR analysis
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this

We have recently upgraded to Enterprise SonarQube and are setting up and experimenting with branch analysis and PR analysis. On PR analysis, I see that it analyzes only new issues, which is as expected. However, it sends me an email for each new issue, which can be a lot. Is there a way to set up so that only one bulk email is sent to me when new issues appear, such as what happens in main and branch analysis?

Hi Inna,

SonarQube should only send notification emails to users who explicitly subscribe. Please check this documentation page about the topic.

Go to the Project Dashboard (of the project which sends the notifications to you), then click on Project Information -> Set Notifications and make sure you configure it to your taste.

If you did not subscribe yourself, it is possible that an administrator of your instance subscribed you using SonarQube’s Web API POST api/notifications/add method (documented under http(s)://<your_sonarqube_url>/web_api/api/notifications). In such case make sure to contact them.

Hope this helps, regards,

Hi Daniel,

I’m subscribed to emails properly.
But the PR behavior is different from branch behavior.
What I mean is this:

  • If I add/change issues in a branch, I will get a single email telling me what some issues assigned to me have changed.
  • If I then create a PR, I get a lot of emails, one for each issue.