Multiple Docker container elasticsearch node fail

SonarQube version 8.9 LTS
Sonar-Scanner 4.7

We are using AWS Fargate for Sonarqube. In Fargate, we are trying to set vertical scaling “when memory reaches more than 80% it starts the new container”
There are two containers running at the same time and they are pointing to the same storage (efs) until the new container starts completely.

When a new container starts we are getting this error.

Can you please help?
I tried to look up this information in the sonar documentation but could not find anything.

Here are the logs.
log-events-viewer-result.txt (6.7 KB)

Hi @zorro ,

this configuration is not supported to my knowledge. The bundled elasticsearch expects to be run in a single node configuration. if you start more than one instance within the same filesystem the second instance will fail to aquire the required exclusive lock. see the log file you provided:

running more than one instance of sonarqube is only supported with the datacenter edition. this edition can scale load horizontaly on multiple search and application nodes. see the docs for more information about this setup.

hope that helps

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