MultiModule gradle project

SE1- Build/css,html,xsd,java files
SE2- Build/css,html,xsd,java files

Now how to define this sub-modules so that all my submodules get scanned as
sonar.sources=’ Module1/**, Module2 ,Module3’’ ,‘/build/classes/java’
‘’ ,'

Neither I am facing any issue but it is not taking css,html and xsd or xml files.It is only taking .java files only which are present in submodules how to introduce them any help


I guess you’re using SonarScanner for Gradle, right?

Since it’s only picking up Java files, you’re right that you’ll need to override sonar.sources (altho only that one). sonar.sources is looking for a comma-delimited list of paths, and wildcards don’t work here.

I think you’ll probably want to follow the directions for multi-project builds. Note that the paths probably need to be relative to your module, so not from MainProject root, but from SE1, I think.