MsSQL recommended version?

Hi Folks

  • I’m in the process of upgrading to SonarQube 8.1 from 6.7 - as a result I need to upgrade our (AWS Hosted) RDS DB from mySQL 5.6 to MsSQL (sqlserver-se-14)
  • Has anyone had any issues with this migration from an AWS perspective? I was considering using the DMS (Database Migration Service) as opposed to the
  • Also, previously there was a parameter group requirement which recommended updating the max_allowed_packet size to 268435456 for MySQL. I do not see this parameter in the sqlserver-se parameter group settings, can I assume this is not an issue with this version the DB or do I need to set something else?

appreciate any help on these queries


I would not recommend this. mysql-migrator is doing type conversions (from one DB to the other) that are specific for SonarQube and may not be possible with DMS.

Yes you can assume that. Just make sure you set the required settings for your SQL Server and you’ll be fine. See SonarQube requirements documentation page


thanks for your reply, after reading the instructions of the mysql-migrator I’m not sure if this will work for a dockerized setup. The source sonarqube runs in one docker container while the new one is running on a different ec2 instance in a different docker container.
Will it work if i simply copy a local version of of each into a location where the script can access it?
also, the jdbc connection string for (we’ve decided on Postgres now) Postgres DB contains CurrentSchema= do I also include this?

So I tried local config files and while it sort of worked, I was not able to make the jdbc connection to the postgres db - I tried multiple different variaitons on the string as

Blockquote sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:postgresql://sonarqube.postgres:5432sonarqube?currentSchema=public



but I still get the error

Could not determine SonarQube version of the target database. Could not select version from schema_migrations. ERROR: relation “schema_migrations” does not exist
Position: 21

I also pointed our current sonarqube instance to this db as per the steps but was also unable to connect there.
I can connect to the db via pgAdmin tool so the connetion details are correct
any suggestions pls?