More refined test coverage

  • Sonarqube enterprise
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  • A few related questions:
  1. Is it possible to combine multiple MRs together for test coverage analysis. For example, to combine all the MRs for a feature together and see how much coverage it has?
  2. The jacoco coverage we’re getting is from our unit and shallow testing. Separately we’re doing various other testing, integration and more. Is it possible to import the results of this other testing into sonarqube? Can we have layers of coverage in our display so we can see which piece is contributing what coverage?
    For both questions above, if the answer is no, how difficult would it be to implement them as a plugin and where would it have to integrate into sonarqube, if possible.
    Thank you!


Neither of the things you’re asking about is available. I don’t think it would be possible to implement either of them as plugins. For the second one, you could add additional metrics from a plugin, for your extra “layers” of coverage. You could populate and aggregate those metrics at will. But you wouldn’t be able to get them included in the overall, built-in coverage metrics.