Missing rule in SQ?

As I mentioned in a previous email we installed spotbugs 4.0.5 ( spotbugs 4.5.0)

And it should contain:


New rule REFL_REFLECTION_INCREASES_ACCESSIBILITY_OF_CLASS to detect public methods instantiating a class they get in their parameter. This rule based on the SEI CERT rule SEC05-J. Do not use reflection to increase accessibility of classes, methods, or fields . (#SEC05-J) @baloghadamsoftware

I tried different combinations of sonar profiles:


Any ideas in which profile I can find this?


Hi mike,

It’s possible you’ll get an answer to this question in this community. But it’s far more likely you would get an answer if you raised an issue on the SpotBugs project.


Hi Ann,
ok I will try my luck there :slight_smile: