Missing analysis in a sonarcloud project

Dear all,
I have a private project in Sonarcloud that misses some analyzed branches in the branch section, and also some analyses in a long-lived branch in the activity section.

I know that there is missing data because several analyses appear both in the background tasks and in the “Latest Activity” feed of the Overview section.

Additionally, when I try to see the data of one of those analysis, they are inaccessible, and the link to those shows a 404 error.

Do you think this state of the project is due an error in SonarCloud data or the only explanation is due to a manual deletion of analyses and branches? Is there a log that could be checked to get this information?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @mvillanueva

This sounds like normal housekeeping has kicked in.

Dear Colin,
Thank you for your response, in comparison with other projects this seemed very empty with no branches and no analyses. With a deeper reading I realized that I did not take into account that this project does not mark events, so that the housekeeping has made its action.
Thank you again.

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