MISRA-C 2004 rule 5.5

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We are currently using SonarQube to analyze our C code. Furthermore, we decided to design the quality gates based on MISRA-C 2004. In particular, we want to integrate rule 5.5. of MISRA-C 2004, which is defined by “No object or function identifier with static storage duration should be reused”.

Unfortunately, we could not find the latter rule in SonarQube rules. Therefore, does this rule is part of SonarQube rules?

We are looking forward for your answer.

We wish you, in advance, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hello @Gaetan,

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I confirm, we currently don’t have this rule in our C analyzer.

Out of curiosity, are you looking for this rule because it is part of MISRA-C 2004, or do you think it has some value that you want to bring to your codebase?

Hello @Abbas_Sabra,

Thank you! :slight_smile:


We chose some rules from MISRA-C 2004, that we judged valuable for our different projects. The rule in question was part of the chosen ones.

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