Migrating SQ Developer version from one AKS cluster to another cluster

We have need to migrate our SonarQube developer instance from one AKS cluster to another. Following are the steps we are performing to make this happen.

  1. Install exact same version of SonarQube using help chart.
  2. Execute data migration script which migrates all the data without any errors or warnings.
  3. Restart the SQ Server.

Though everything is working without any issue dashboard is empty and not showing any of the projects/issues. When I check it using Administration->Projects->Management , I can see all the projects. I can click on links displayed and navigate to individual project. Project is showing correct statistics as well. URL is https://domain_name/dashboard?id=ProjectName .

Question is, why are we not able to see anything on https://domain_name/projects ? Are we missing something in migration?

More Information:

  • SonarQube version
  • Trying to migrate SQ Developer edition form one AKS cluster to another.
  • Delete & recreate DB.

Dropping Elasticsearch indexes as mentioned on SonarQube worked. Do we have better way of dropping indexes other than getting into the POD?

Hi @Rahul_Mahulkar ,

if i recall correctly there is an option of enabling and disabling persistency in the official helm chart for sonarqube. if you are facing issues with the elasticsearch indexes being corrupt for whatever reason, you might want to disable persistency as the index will be recreated from the data in the connected database on startup if it does not exist.
that said, you should probably closely monitor the defined probes and increase the timings and failure counts if needed.

there is always the sledgehammer solution: kubectl delete pvc .... just make sure that all required plugins are downloaded during restart if you go that route :wink:

hope that helps


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