Migrating from SonarQube to SonarCloud

This guide is intended to help those considering and those performing a move from analysis with SonarQube to analysis with SonarCloud.

What you can’t migrate

If you’re considering a move from SonarQube to SonarCloud, you should be aware of the limitations. There is no general data migration available:

  • You will lose all project history, including issue comments and FP/WF/Accept markings.
  • You will need to recreate your Quality Gates manually in SonarCloud.

Migrating your custom Quality Profiles

However, it is possible to migrate your custom Quality Profiles:

  1. In SonarQube, for each custom profile, navigate to the profile, then look for the vertical ellipses or hamburger menu and choose “Back up”, which will download your profile to file.
  2. In SonarCloud go to your organization’s Quality Profiles page and choose Restore, where you will be prompted to upload your backup file.
  3. Don’t forget to make your custom Quality Profiles the defaults for your organization

Updating your projects for the move

To move your project analyses to SonarCloud, you’ll first want to import your projects from your DevOps platform (note that Monorepos must be imported slightly differently), and then update the analysis properties in your CI jobs:

  • change your sonar.host.url to https://sonarcloud.io
  • add sonar.organization=[your organization key]
  • update your sonar.projectKey value if what you imported with doesn’t match what you’ve used on SonarQube
  • update your analysis token, whether that’s a sonar.token analysis parameter, or a SONAR_TOKEN environment variable


We’re considering adding migration functionality to SonarCloud, but we need to hear from you to understand what type of information and configuration you would expect to be able to move. Visit our roadmap to tell us. Once you vote on the card, you’ll have the opportunity to add details about what’s important to you.