Migrate from local install to SonarCloud


(Alexey Shevchenko) #1

Dear community,

I have an idea to migrate from local install of SonarQube 6.7 (which is using MySQL 5.x) to SonarCloud managed solution.

  1. Is there a tooling to migrate database to the cloud, so that all the history and settings are up to date?
  2. Is there any article with the best practice of such migration?
  3. The monthly costs should be estimated based on code line number or are there some other hidden fees?


(Xavier Bourguignon) #2

Hi Alexey,

We do not have any tool for now to migrate from a SonarQube on premise to SonarCloud.

There is no hidden fees, only lines of code of your private projects.
And to help you to estimate cost: lines of code on SonarCloud will be the same than lines of code displayed in your project dashboard. If your project contains branches, the counted LOCs are the ones of the biggest branch.

Hope this helps