Metric Definitions for Reliability - Level of Impact or Severity?

I understand that the old Metric Definitions for Reliability were based on Minor/Major/Critical/Blocker - However, given the switch to “Level of Impact” I am unsure how to understand the letter grade ratings in SonarCloud now.

Are they still based on the old “severity”:

A = 0 Bugs
B = at least 1 Minor Bug
C = at least 1 Major Bug
D = at least 1 Critical Bug
E = at least 1 Blocker Bug.

or have those been translated to the new “level of impact”, making it more like

A = 0 Bugs
B = at least 1 Low Impact
C = at least 1 Medium Impact
D = at least 1 High Impact
E = at least 1 High Impact


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This is a fair question. The ratings (letter grades) are unchanged. So it’s still like it was.