Messages by the scanner

SonarQube; SonarScanner (yes, that’s probably not the latest)

The following one happens with a large number of different method names throughout the scanning…

14:32:35.867 DEBUG: Skipping method load as it uses a not-yet-supported language feature: TryStatementTreeImpl

I’m wondering…

  • what action is actually skipped for those methods?
  • What specifically is meant by that feature TryStatementTreeImpl?
    Is it any plain try { ... } catch (...) { ... } finally { ... } or something more specific?
  • are they fixed in newer versions of the scanner or qube?
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Hey there.

As our analyzers (especially new innovations) mature, they support more and more features of a language. For example, being able to track data through certain structures.

Here you’ve run into a DEBUG message indicating that indicate that for a subset of rules, try { ... } catch (...) { ... } finally { ... } is not supported.

We have an internal ticket to handle this eventually.

You can safely ignore these DEBUG warnings.


Would be nice if the particular analyzer could somehow identify itself in the log message, just so the “scope” of skipping gets clearer :slight_smile:

Apart from that, thanks for the explanation!

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