Message apearing once sonarqube.bat is ran, 'ltsversion should be defined'


(Sam Milward) #1

Recently I have just started to run SonarQube 7.5.
This is a completly new server (not an existing server being upgraded)

Sonar is configured to work with PostgresSQL 10 (x86)

Once I have run StartSonar.bat, the sonar qube server starts and runs/functions as intended, however two messages appear (and repeat)

jvm 1 | ltsVersion should be defined
jvm 1 | ltsVersion seems wrong as it is not listed in SonarQube versions

Does anyone know what is causing these messages? Or if it causes any issues that I am not yet aware about?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Could you clarify where you’re seeing these log lines? Also, can your SonarQube instance reach the internet, or is it walled off?


(Sam Milward) #3


These lines are showing in the powershell window I used to run the Startsonar.Bat
They are also showing in sonarqube-7.5/logs/sonar.txt

It should be able to access the internet itself, but the server itself wont be accessable if you tried to connect to the GUI over a browser.

(Julien Lancelot) #8

Hi Sam,

Have you customized the settings in, expect the database ones ?
Which plugin have you installed ?

Julien Lancelot

(Sam Milward) #9

Hi Julien

The properties I have changed are:

I have also changed the following in the wrapper.config file

The plugin I have installed is sonarqube-prometheus-exporter

Sam Milward

(Julien Lancelot) #10

It seems that there is nothing wrong in your configuration.

Are you behind a proxy ?
Are you able to download ?

Julien Lancelot