Merge Request decoration from Sonarcloud is not showing at

Hi Sonarcloud team,

I am having problem with merge request decoration. I am using Sonarcloud paid plan and I tried to display the quality status in every merge request as the decoration. I tried this settings at my .gitlab-ci.yml.

But nothing is showing.

Nothing is showing as well in the Merge Request panel in the project panel.

I am not sure if there are steps that I missed. Please help.

I tried opening the background task. Somewhat the pr key, base and branch is not showing. Are they related to this problem? How do I obtain the correct parameter values?

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 11.36.47

Hello @petrabarus,

Yes, the missing parameters are for sure related to the problem you are facing. Can you please try to print out the CI_MERGE_REQUEST_IID parameter or harcoded it for one run to see if it is passing?

In principle specifying these parameters is not required as they should auto-detected if you use Gitlab CI. Can you give it a try and run without providing any sonar.pullrequest.* parameters? (I recommend to this on toy project as it may overwrite the analysis of the main branch)

Marcin Majewski

Hi Marcin,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I tried adding the lines below, and somewhat it works. The sonar shows the merge decoration.

  - template: 'Workflows/MergeRequest-Pipelines.gitlab-ci.yml'

What does it do actually?