May I scan Java-Grable with SonarCLI or I need Sonar for Grable?

I need to scan Java-Grable project.
Now I have scaned my project by SonarCube with GrablePlugin on local PC. But I want to scan it in CI-pipeline in GitLab.

May I use ScanerCLI for this or I have only use GrablePlugin on runer? (I red that .Net projects couldn’t use ScanerCLI)

It’s possible to configure your project to just use the Scanner CLI to analyse Java, but we really discourage it, as it’s tricky to get right. The Scanner for Gradle configures everything for you (coverage reports, paths to bytecode, etc).

Using the scanner tailored for the build tool you use to build your code is the way to go.

Do I have right understanding that I need to use special grable version of runner (now I tried to use simple runner, and got an error … no command found )?

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