Maximum memory exeeded on Android project

In SonarCloud, an Android project throws the following error:

Your analysis with ID "2e1e0938-b83e-409d-80ec-085c6a7f9aba" has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis

The configurations used are:

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: Automatic
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
  • Languages of the repository: Kotlin + Java

Could you please provide any help to unblock this process?

Hey @svasquezm

The issue comes from it being a very first analysis with a lot of SCM (git) data to load. This bottleneck in analysis is something we’re looking to improve, but in the meantime, you might try switching to CI-based analysis (it may take a while for the first run).

Hi, @Colin

We did that, integrating CI-based analysis into Bitrise, but now we have another (and weird) issue.

We set up correctly our Sonar properties via Gradle, so we could analyze successfully our main branch, with code coverage included, but every Quality Gate that is thrown by a new PR, or every change over it, returns reports with all its information in zero and without code coverage info:

¿Do you have an idea why could this be happening to us?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @cristian-vallejos

Instead of adding onto this thread, I suggest you create a new thread and include details such as:

  • How your Bitrise pipeline is configured
  • The content of your Gradle configuration
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