"master" branch has not been analyzed yet and you have multiple branches already


I have an error for the master branch of my project:

As you can see in the attached image, the master branch is already set as default branch in GitHub
default branch

Interestingly enough, that everything works well in the testing environment (GitHub - amitrofanovs/zabbix-test, SonarCloud - https://sonarcloud.io/project/overview?id=amitrofanovs_zabbix-test), and I do not see the same error there :frowning:

Could you please help me to find the issue

Hey there.

Peaking around in the code – as far as I can tell, due to this open pull request, SonarCloud looks up whether or not a pull request is associated with that branch and because it is… decides to configure itself as a PR analysis rather than a branch analysis.

This baffles me a bit (and I’m not an expert in this part of the codebase), and I’ll flag this for some additional attention. And in the meantime, you might try closing this (I think erroneous) pull request to see if things snap into order.

Colin thanks a lot, it helped.

You’re issue is actually related to this thread, which should have been solved.

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