Make tabular data sortable where it fits

Hi there :wave:

i have smth that itches since quite a while. I am currently not in the mood to flesh it out in a very specific manner. Pls excuse my bluntness and let me just motivate/suggest the direction. :wink:

There are plenty of views in Sonarqube that display data in a tabular manner. And none of that is SORTABLE :flushed: :cry:

Please implement the below “requirements” as u see fit :nerd_face:

For example:

as a user of sonarqube server i want to be able to click on table headers/headlines so that the order of the tabular data changes depending on the order of the selected column

as a user of sonarqube server i want to be able to click on the same column header/headline multiple times.

  • Each time i click the same column header/headline the sort order changes.
  • There are three modes: original sort order, order by column content, order by column content in reverse


P.S.: For starters (as a side question): What is the reasoning behind not having any sorting abilities present in tabular data? Is this a deliberate decision (if yes: why?) or is that just the consequence of the amount of work needed to factor it in / implement it?

P.P.S.: Maybe there are places where tabular data might currently be sortable … pls exuse me not remembering where.

P.P.P.S: Examples for unsortable: (i’d like the yellowish headers clickable)
A Projects “Code” Tab:

A Portfolio breakdown:


Hi @daniel

First of all, thank you for your insight and for taking the time to explain it.
Could you please tell me more about it? Why is it important for you to sort the data displayed in a tabular manner?
I saw another post of yours related to project data monitoring (coverage and duplication).



Hi Alexander,

each view tries to transmit knowledge. Each representation of order transmits different knowledge. I cannot easily answer your question for each view, so i tried to give a broad answer below. HTH.

(i really try to behave here. :innocent: it is tabular data, for a reason. tables can be sorted. for reasons that are rather obvious. i can state the obvious.)

It is important for me to sort the “data displayed in a tabular manner” because i want to derive knowledge from the sorted result that is displayed after i have clicked on a specific table column header.

(I felt a bit [b|s]ad to write it like that)

(TBH, I would like - as a general rule - the GUI to behave in a manner that expects “data displayed in a tabular manner” to be sortable by column. Not in “this view” or “that view” only. I hope you get what i mean. I cannot count the times i did click on a column header only to re-remember the “fact” that sq data is not sortable. It feels like a constant pain and i do not want to work around that by creating my own rest api integrations to fiddle me a sorted result. In my opinion that is a feature (making “data displayed in a tabular manner” sortable by column) that the product should have.


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Hi @daniel,

Thank you for your quick answer.

I understand your point. Displaying the data to the user is the first goal of our tables. Sorting and even filtering could be added in the future, depending on the needs.

We take your feedback into consideration.



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