Maintainability measure of "time that's gone into the application"

I’m using SonarQube v7.7

I have a question about the “Maintainability” measurement. The documentation on its rating says it’s based off “the time that has already gone into the application”. How does SonarQube calculate this time? Are there other ratings that can be used other than this SQALE rating?


This is based on your current LOC multiplied by an estimated time per line, which is configurable at Administration -> Technical Debt -> Development cost.

So to be fair, this isn’t an actual reflection of the time that’s gone into your project since we all know lines get written, and re-written and re-re-written many times.

I’m not certain what you’re asking here. If you’re asking whether some other calculation can be substituted in the project homepage for the Maintainability Rating, the answer is no.


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