Mail settings set via are not displayed in UI

If you set email-related settings like these


in the SonarQube 6.7.6 file and restart it, they are not displayed in the Settings menu. There you will find only the default values. However SonarQube is using the settings from the file internally, which can be checked by using the “configuration test” option in the “E-Mail” section of the settings menu.

Hi @robertauer,

These settings are not supposed to be used in => Only the system settings described in this file should be set.
You need to use the UI/WS to specify standard settings.

Julien Lancelot


Why are the setting names presented to the administrator in the UI then?


will this be modified for 8.x so that we can configure/enforce SMTP (or any) “standard” settings from file?

It is a must have for proper configuration as code when deploying sonarqube

Hi everybody,

has there been any change to this described issue? I wasn’t able to make the settings either, SMTP settings are not shown in the GUI (ADMIN) when setting them in /opt/sonarcube/conf/ And I strongly agree with @scm_invn that this is required to achieve proper configuration as code.


  • I’m running Community Docker image 9.0.1-community where a customized properties file has been copied into the $HOME/conf folder

What does WS stand for?

Thanks for asking, indeed, using acronyms is not always a good idea, so I’ve used WS to talked about
Web Services!