Local C++ Code Analysis

We have a C++ project and Enterprise Edition SonarQube server and were wondering if there was a way to run code analysis and get the results locally instead of having to see the results on the server.

Hey there.

Sorry, this is not possible. You must submit an analysis to the SonarQube server to view results (or use SonarLint while you code!)

Hi Colin,
Thank you for your response.
I actually tried Sonarlint extension with vscode but I couldn’t get it to work with C++ projects and I read somewhere that It didn’t support C++ yet. So, has that changed? And if so, can you point me to the documentation for it?

Each IDE listed on https://www.sonarlint.org/ is up-to-date regarding the languages they support today, SonarLint for VSCode does not support C++.

Ok. Thank you very much :smile: .

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