List of files for "estimated coverage after merge"

Sometimes changes in Pull Request might effect overall coverage, for example changes to config files. In such cases, Pull Request coverage might be shown as 100%, while Estimated Coverage After Merge might be lower. Inconvenience is that SonarCloud does not show list of files with coverage for that “estimate”. Our current workaround is to lower our Quality Gate temporarily, merge the PR just to see list of uncovered lines, then create another PR to either revert config changes or add more coverage. Is showing detailed coverage information before merging PR planned?


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I’m not aware of any current plans in this area. I’m going to move this topic to the Product Manager for a Day category since the functionality doesn’t currently exist.


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Hello @azamat-sharapov ,

Thanks for your insight, we really appreciate you took the time to share it. In this case we don’t have any plans to address this on our current roadmap, but if we find evidence that it’s a wider problem we’ll look into it further. If this happens we may contact you with an update or ask for some more information. Thanks again.