Lint for C code

I use Sonar Cloud for my Git server in Azure DevOps with C language. I already set it up to take the coverage by build wrapper, but there are still 2 big questions that I may need help to complete:

  1. Can SonarCloud detect my lint error? i.e., too much space to separate code or do not contain empty line EOF?
  2. Can I be noticed that there is any c/c++ file in my repo that is not covered by the build wrapper?

Thank you so much

Hello @Le_L_i_Hoang,

Well we can’t speak about detecting linting errors in general, you have to be specific on which ones. And the best is that you check for yourself what are the rules that are covered. See

For instance your EOF without empty line is covered with rule c:S113

The only way is by looking at the source code in SonarCloud. If a file is missing, it means it was not covered.
The full list of covered files can also be found in the build wrapper JSON file if you prefer.


It will be great if you can automatically any uncovered file
Thank for your reply