Lines of Code not updated after the license renewal


We are using SonarQube developer version 8.9.1 (Max Loc: 1M) which was expiring on 10th Jan 2022. We renewed license on 9th Jan again with same Max Loc: 1M, The expiration date updated to January 10, 2023 but still the line of code is showing previous value. The renewed max loc 1M is not updated, We are getting message “You have almost reached your lines of code limit. Please contact SonarSource to increase the threshold.” in the license Manager.

We have not started any analysis after license renewal.

Thanks for any help with this.

HI @sajans ,

the volume you see on the license manager is the volume of lines of code of your projects in SonarQube.
If you had 800K LOC in your projects before renewing, that volume hasn’t changed.
It will still be displayed 800K LOC.
And you need a 1M License key to analyse these projects, which you have.

The message warning is here to tell you that you are close to 1M (meaning that your current volume of lines of code in your projects is close to 1M). If you don’t grow your projects afterwards, you will still be able to analyse as many times as you want these 800K LOC, until you reach the 1M LOC.

Renewing the license doesn’t mean that you will have 0 instead of 800K LOC for example here. It means that you are allowed to use the tool for another year (it’s yearly subscription).

Hope this makes it a bit more clear,

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