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    Hello Support,
    How can I restrict a user can see only a project I assign him to work, but he/she can’t see other projects?

Hi Sim, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

You didn’t mention what version of SonarQube you’re running. Assuming it’s a recent one, have a look in Project Settings / Permissions. You’d want to set the project as Private and then add permissions as needed to individual users.

You’ll need to set all the projects you want users not to see as Private. You can also toggle the global default for projects from Public to Private in Administration / Projects / Management.

Dear Jeff,

I walked through projects yes, most of the projects are in the public. My question, if we moved project from public to private, do have issue with create build in Jenkins?

Sorry, I am not a technical person. I am just lead the developers and found that issue.

A private project can still be analyzed from Jenkins so long as the user whose credentials are being used by Jenkins has the “Execute Analysis” permission on the project.

Thanks, I will work out to change projects from public to private.

I have a question, when we created the project as private who can see that project I created? If I want to allow two people to see my project where can I configure?

Once it’s private, only the users explicitly granted access under Project Settings / Permissions can see it.