License check plugin: The library showing incorrect license

We have configured new Sonar with v8.5.1 and old one is with v6.7.4.

We have recently activated GitHub - porscheinformatik/sonarqube-licensecheck: SonarQube Licensecheck Plugin plugin and activated licenses statuses as per our old instance.

The issue is: The dependency license for one of the libraries is showing incorrect, and not as per our old sonar, the configuration is the same as the old sonar.
Screenshot 1 (old sonar) -

Screenshot 2 (new sonar) -

Steps to reach this place: 1. Project Settings-> More->License Check

Does anybody have any idea how these settings can be changed to align a library with a required license.

Hi @mansing2 ,

Since that is a 3rd party plugin, you’ll need to reach out to that proejct’s GitHub.

I see that you did and hope that was helpful: License check plugin: The library showing incorrect license · Issue #220 · porscheinformatik/sonarqube-licensecheck · GitHub

From the link:

This is package has dual licensing (see Maven Central Repository Search).

So this seems like an Set ordering issue (this can happen when changing the JVM or host or anything).

The easiest way to workaround this is to define the Maven dependency to license mapping in the settings.

I have created a new feature request #221 and will close this issue.


Thanks Joe, this has been fixed by adding maven dependency to map the particular library/package to the license.

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