LDAP case sensitivity bug

There were two issues that I ran into when installing the Community Edition of sonarqube (v 8.4) through Docker. I could get the case insensitive setup working. Using the option:
It would just prevent my LDAP authentication from working at all. When the flag is above is disabled, I am able to auth with LDAP using case sensitive usernames.

Also, I wasn’t able to get the LDAP groups to import for my user accounts.

Hi Andrew,

Welcome the Community!

The sonar.authenticator.downcase property is intended to be used when the backend LDAP system is itself configured for case-insensitivity. It sounds like this is likely not the case for you.

As for your groups issue, please note that groups must be mapped. Per our docs:

membership in a group is synched only if a group with the same name exists in SonarQube

Also please note then that the group mapping must be exact, including case-sensitivity in your case.