LDAP_BINDPASSWORD environmental variable not working

  • Version: sonar-7.9.4-community docker image
  • Issue: Authenticating to LDAP using LDAP_BINDPASSWORD environmental variable not working

I am running Sonarqube from the sonar-7.9.4-community image on my laptop. When I set ldap.bindPassword in sonar.properties, I am able to sign in to the server using LDAP. However when I launch the server with the LDAP_BINDPASSWORD environmental variable set(and ldap.bindPassword unset), authentication with the LDAP server fails.

Any idea why the LDAP_BINDPASSWORD is not being used by the server?

It turns out that if I set “ldap.bindPassword” as an environmental variable(not in properties file) then I am able to successfully authenticate against LDAP.
It would appear that the use of the LDAP_BINDPASSWORD environmental variable is broken.


Welcome to the community!

I guess you picked that variable name up from the current docs.

The thing is, the current docs are about the current version. And you’re on the LTS. For a bit of history, the LTS didn’t/doesn’t support Docker, and that envvar support was added as part of supporting Docker. So those variables aren’t picked up in the LTS.

In case it helps, your (LTS) docs are here.


Hi Ann,
Thanks for the reply. You wrote: “For a bit of history, the LTS didn’t/doesn’t support Docker”.
Do you recommend to we use the sonar-8.4.2-community image instead if we are deploying sonar using docker/kubernetes?
I was thinking that 7x LTS might be best for stability but willing to use 8x if that is better suited to our docker/kubernetes deployment.


Yeah, if you want Docker, you’re better off bumping up to the current version. Note that 8.5 is imminent (current E.T.A. 5 Oct.)


Ok. Thanks. I will probably take your advice.
FYI I have been able to standup 7.9.4-community as both standalone docker instance and in kubernetes with connections to LDAP and external PostGres db.