Lcov javascript coverage not working

Hi People!

I have almost finished setting up my entire CI/CD pipeline using Azure Devops and Sonarcloud! The last kink is test coverage reporting via lcov. Similar to: Lcov file not found I receive the following debug output:

08:36:10.306 WARN: No coverage information will be saved because LCOV file cannot be found.
08:36:10.306 WARN: Provided LCOV file path: **/coverage/ Seek file with path: D:\a\1\s\CompanyNamehere.Site.Dashboard\**\coverage\
08:36:10.307 WARN: No coverage information will be saved because all LCOV files cannot be found.

The configuration I setup in a previous setup task is:

# Additional properties that will be passed to the scanner, 
# Put one key=value per line, example:
# sonar.exclusions=**/*.bin

I have dumped the disk to attempt to see if the file exist on the system and here is my dir and pwd output:



15/07/2020  03:21 PM    <DIR>          .
15/07/2020  03:21 PM    <DIR>          ..
15/07/2020  03:21 PM            40,190 cobertura-coverage.xml
15/07/2020  03:21 PM    <DIR>          lcov-report
15/07/2020  03:21 PM            12,399

I have also attempted to specify the sonar.cs.opencover.reportsPaths to be absolute and this didn’t work either.

Any ideas?


Hi @fgfmichael

Could you try to add at first an Azure variable like $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory) at the beginning of the path ? That may help to deduce the correct path.