kotlin:S6518 reports indexed operator should be used for chained mutating calls

I am using a Java library called Jooq. It has a class UpdateSetStep with a function

<T> UpdateSetMoreStep<R> set(Field<T> field, T value);

Which I am using as intended:

    return set(GENERIC_TOKEN.IS_REVOKED, true)
        .set(GENERIC_TOKEN.EXPIRES_AT_UTC, LocalDateTime.now(clock))
        .set(GENERIC_TOKEN.REVOKED_CAUSE, revokedCause)

But Sonar says Element access should use indexed access operators and if I were to do


then there would be no way to access the return value and chain into the next call.

Sonar should probably ignore this rule for chained access like .set(...).set(...)

SonarQube Version 10.1 (build 73491)
Java 17.0.6
Kotlin 1.8.22

Hello Lars,

Good catch, thank you for the report! I opened a ticket where you can track the issue.

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