Kotlin project scan fails with OutOfMemory for 4 files

Follow-up of Kolin project scan times dramatically increased today! Why? - #14 by Alexandre_Gigleux as requested by @Margarita_Nedzelska

Following a job which hit the out of memory problem:

To reproduce:

  1. checkout GitHub - robstoll/tutteli-spek-extensions: Extensions for the spek framework such as TempFolder
  2. make sure you don’t have increased memory in your gradle.properties (use defaults)
  3. import this project into your sonarcloud space (so that upload would work - I don’t share my credentials here for obvious reasons :smile:)
  4. ./gradlew sonarqube

Hello @robstoll,

Thanks for the reproducer. I checked logs and reproduced the situation in the fork. According to the logs, it looks like OOM is due to not having enough memory for the metaspace. It looks like the default 256m is not enough for your project. This could happen due to different reasons, you can probably try to investigate it on your side in the future if you’re interested.

I suggest you override defaults a little by using the gradle.properties file as you can see in this commit. It looks like giving 300m to your metaspace should be enough.


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