Kotlin Multiplatform Support is here!


The wait is over! If you’ve adopted Kotlin Multiplatform, you’re well aware of the pain associated with configuring the list of directories to scan. However, with the changes we’ve made, scanning such a project is now as simple as scanning a basic Java project.

To achieve this, we enhanced our Scanner for Gradle to automatically recognize the special structure of Kotlin Multiplatform projects.

In the past, when you were scanning such projects with no special configuration, your scan was looking like this (there is no bug in my screen capture, it was really an empty land):

Today, you can see the Kotlin Multiplatform special directories, and all your Kotlin, JS, … code is scanned:

To benefit from this change, just change the version of the Sonar Gradle extension to (or any newer version available when you read these lines).

// id("org.sonarqube") version "" <- this version doesn't support Kotlin Multiplatform
id("org.sonarqube") version ""



Hi @rricarrdo,

Welcome to the community!

Could you create a new thread for this, with all the details, please?


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