Kick off a scan

Hi all,

I’m a little new to this and taking over for someone who’s already gone. No docs of course.

So I have a project that is already established, it’s connected to bitbucket and everything looks good. the question is how do I initiate a new scan. just a manual scan to make sure everything is good.



My sympathies on the lack of internal documentation.

This is really going to be a question of your CI setup. SonarQube scans are typically run after the CI picks up that there has bee a commit. So the question would be whether you need to make a harmless commit, or if there’s a manual ‘run’ button you can push.



You’re Awesome!

Thanks. Would you have any references I can spool my knowledge up? Intro to SQ or something>? I would appreciate any docs to get me going.


Here you go. As a brand new user, I’d be interested to know if you have any feedback on the docs themselves (this part was helpful, the flow through this section was confusing, …)


Also, let’s just says for S&G, I have a Bit repository, I download the source in question, touch the files. Would I not be able to check-in and force the scan? It’s all Java source and TBH, I understand the concept but never executed.

Thanks for the docs. I’ll start digging into it.


You mean touch just to change the dates? I’m not sure that would work. The SCM might be smarter than that. Changing some whitespace or a comment line ought to be safe enough…


cool, so bearing in mind I’ve never done this, would I need something like sonar-scanner? and do we have docs that would walk me through this?

I’m basically looking for a ground up on how to build this


I thought you inherited something that was already built. If you want to know about setting up analysis, start here.


It is built, but I have no idea on how to execute, or how it executes. If something breaks I’m SOL. So I need to go from joe shmoe to SME in no time.

yeah. It’s one of those situations. Sorry for the confusion and I appreciate all your help.

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