Jira Crowd-Soarqube Integration for User Access Management

For User Access Management in Sonarqube Community Version - 7.9.4, We are using Jira’s embedded Crowd server. We have apps connected to Jira (such as SOnarqube.).

Either when a user is disabled in Jira or its groups are removed:

  • Jira behaves correctly.
    • The connected applications does not. User still shows active with the groups assignments.

We have contacted Atlassian Support for the same and they have adviced use to reach out to Sonarqube Syupport for the same.

Could you please check and confirm whether it is a issue with Sync of Jira Crowd in Sonarqube or some other issue is there. Or it is a normal functioanlity.


Welcome to the community!

In fact, this is normal functionality. There is no sync of user groups outside of what’s collected at user login. If there’s no login (because the user is deactivated) then there’s no sync and all the groups from the last login remain.

If you need to deactivate users automatically, you may want to script that. Take a look at the api/users/deactivate API. Docs link in your page footer.