Jenkins Pipelines intermittently failing at the Quality Gate check stage

Our Jenkins CI pipelines fail intermittently at the ‘Quality Gate Check’ stage. We have added an HTTPS-based sonar webhook URL at the sonarqube project level.
webhook URL - https:///sonarqube-webhook/
SonarQube version - Enterprise Edition Version 9.9.1 (build 69595)
SonarScanner version -
Jenkins version - 2.426.3

We use waitForQualityGate() in our Jenkins pipelines to receive the QG status through the sonar webhook. This is an intermittently, blocking our developer’s deployments.


In Sonarqube
What’s the status of the webhooks at https://<yoursonarhost>/admin/webhooks => Show recent deliveries ?
You may increase the loglevel to DEBUG during runtime via
Change loglevel to INFO when you’re done.

In Jenkins
you may get more insight with a custom log recorder in Jenkins
https://<yourjenkins>/manage/log/ => Add recorder

hudson.plugins.sonar, Prio ALL
org.sonarsource, Prio ALL
Change Prio to INFORMATION when you’re done.

The log will show the POST requests from Sonarqube webhook.

We had problems only once, after Jenkins ssl certs got updated and the Java keystore of Sonarqube was not up to date.
But then the webhooks didn’t work at all.