JDK-15, Sonar Analysis - Unable to run check class org.sonar.java.se.SymbolicExecutionVisitor

We are using JDK-15 and executing sonar analysis using mvn sonar:sonar. During analysis we are seeing “Unable to run check class org.sonar.java.se.SymbolicExecutionVisitor” error for some of the java files. We are not seeing the issue with JDK-8. Currently we are using Sonarqube version 7.9 . Kindly let us know, whether Sonarqube version 7.9 supports JDK-15? if not, which version of Sonarqube supports JDK-15.


Hi @manoj_rajagopal ,

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Make sure to update your SonarJava plugin to the latest version for SonarQube 7.9, which is 6.3.2. Then try again. We’ve supported scanning of Java 15 features since SonarJava 6.12 version. Please also note our documentation on Handling Java Source Version. Please also note that the Sonar scanner itself requires Java 8 or Java 11 (see here) and any version beyond Java 11 is not supported.


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