Jdbc password encryption - SonarQube server won't start

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I am using SonarQube Community Edition 9.3
I am trying to encrypt jdbc password
i am able to generate Secret Key and paste it in the sonar-secret.txt. and update the secretKeyPath in sonar/conf/sonar.properties file.
But when i restart the server it won’t start.

But what i found it different from official sonar documentation is (Security | SonarQube Docs)

I am not sure why is this different from actual UI.
and i am also confused about the command given in the documentation

sonar.jdbc.password={aes-gcm}CCGCFg4Xpm6r+PiJb1Swfg==  # Encrypted DB password

does it mean that we also need to paste the secret key in properties file along with the sonar-secret.txt ???

Can anyone please clarify these things and solve my issue to successfully encrypt jdbc password.

Thanks in advance


When I follow the directions, what you’re showing from the documentation is exactly what I see:

…but only after restart. Did you restart your server?


The sonar.jdbc.password is a value that’s set in sonar.properties. So instead of using the plaintext password value there in that file, you would use the encrypted version instead.


Hi Ann,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes I did restart the server. but not after pasting secret key and mentioning the path in the properties file, I am unable to restart.

And i can’t see the screenshot on my SQ server UI - I mean the encryption page.

this page i m unable to find

Hi Ann,

Actually Now i found where it went wrong. Now I am able to see that same page which you can see.
Do we need to restart the server after modifying clear text password with encrypted value?

Please let me know


Your changes to sonar.properties won’t kick in until after a restart.


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