Javax.annotation renamed to jakarta.annotation

Sonar does not seem to know that the javax package has been renamed to jakarta. For javax.annotation this causes all sorts of issues since, for example, jakarta.annotation.Nullable is not recognized as equivalent to javax.annotation.Nullable.

SonarQube * 9.7.1 (build 62043)
Java 17.0.4


Thanks for this report! It looks like we’ve already planned some improvements here:

SONARJAVA-4377 Update rules related to “javax” library to support also “jakarta”

SONARJAVA-4383 FP on S1168 when using jakarta.annotation.Nullable after Jakarta migration

SONARJAVA-4389 S1144 jakarta support on @Observes

SONARJAVA-4387 S1168 does not respect jakarta migration

SONARJAVA-4388 S3330 jakarta support

Does this list include what you had in mind?


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